Apparently Cops Don’t Like It When You Run Over Their Feet With Your Ferrari (Video)

ferrari getting ticketHere’s a little piece of advice for everyone out there in internet land: don’t argue parking tickets with New York City cops.

And this applies to everyone.  Even those who drive a Ferrari 458 Italia and are dating Stephanie Pratt of MTV’s faux reality program The Hills.

Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend is Julien Chabbott, co-creator of the LineSnob app for iPhone. On Saturday in Manhattan, Chabbott’s Ferrari was parked outside a Soho hotel in the valet zone, with the valet in possession of the keys. However, technically, the fact that it was a valet zone doesn’t make it legal to leave a car parked there for any length of time, no matter how close the person with the keys is to the vehicle. And one surly New York police officer decided, “to hell with it, I’m writing that Ferrari a ticket.”

Things got interesting, however, when Chabbott grabbed the keys from the valet and got in the car. Chabbott turned the key and revved the engine, then started to creep forward. At this point, the cop put his leg in front of the vehicle, thinking the dude would stop. But he didn’t. Chabbott kept inching forward and seems to maybe sorta have run over the officer’s foot.

That’s when sh*t got real. The cop went ballistic on Chabbott, slamming on his window, flinging open the driver-side door, pulling the driver out of the car, and slamming him to the ground, all while spewing expletives and throwing out the phrase nobody ever wants to hear: assaulting a police officer.

Then another cop came over and helped handcuff Chabbott, who was quickly arrested.

And of course, it was all caught on video by a nosy pedestrian. Check it out:

So like I said at the outset, don’t argue over parking tickets. And if you do, don’t let it escalate to the point where you’re running over a police officer with your car.

But at this point I know what some of you are thinking: is this really an article about sports?

And the answer is yes, it is. After all, a Ferrari is a sportscar, isn’t it?

Hat Tip – [Autoblog]

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