Excited Belgian Sailing Fans Drop A Few F-Bombs During Interview With BBC (Video)

belgian sailing fans f-bombsIt’s hardly uncommon to see sports fans get a little too excited and spew a few expletives on live TV while being interviewed by reporters after a huge victory. It’s just that they’re usually celebrating a huge victory in events like the Super Bowl.

But then, there’s the beauty of the Olympics. Once every four years, people go nuts over sports they barely notice most of the time—sports like swimming, amateur boxing, or, in the case of the video your about to watch, sailing.

On Sunday, after Belgium’s Evi Van Acker narrowly beat out Great Britain’s Alison Young and Ireland’s Annalise Murphey for bronze in the women’s Laser Radial, a single-person dingy sailing race, the BBC sent a reporter into the crowd to ask some wild Belgian fans what they thought about their compatriot’s third place finish.

When the reporter asks the first guy what he thought, all he got was a bunch of f-bombs. Then he asked another guy what he thought, and yep, you guessed it—more f-bombs.

Have a look…but make sure you cover the ears of any little ones within earshot:

Dustin Brown and Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings would be proud.

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