New York Jets Fight During Training Camp Practice (Video)

jets brawl at practiceWe knew it was going to be an interesting season for the New York Jets. As soon as they took poor Tim Tebow off the Broncos’ hands and brought Tebow-mania to the Meadowlands, they were asking for it.

And of course, training camp got off to an interesting start. Two weeks ago, there was a small brouhaha when it seemed a reporter in a press scrum had mistaken starting QB Mark Sanchez for his new, high-profile backup.

But at this point, it seems that things are even more tumultuous at the Jets’ training camp than initially expected.

The proof? The full-on brawl that broke out at the Jets’ morning practice yesterday.

While running a routine play, cornerback D’Anton Lynn pushed running back Joe McKnight out of bounds. McKnight apparently didn’t like something about the contact, so he threw the ball at Lynn’s head, and the two started pushing and shoving.  Pretty soon, there was a twenty-player pile-up.

Oh, and it was all right at the feet of onlooking Jets fans.

Have a look:

No word on where Tebow was during all of this, but if I had to guess, I’d say he was somewhere off to the side, kneeling down and saying a prayer.

Of course, sometimes these types of situations can actually bring a team closer together because they force team leaders to step up and lay down the law. That situation may be playing out with Mark Sanchez, as the normally reserved Jets quarterback called his teammates out to reporters after practice.

“There’s no excuse for it,” he told a reporter from the Star-Ledger. “There’s no throwing a ball at a teammate. There’s no shoving a guy out of bounds into the signs. One, it doesn’t look good.  And two, it sends the wrong message to our team. We want to take care of our guys.”

And if that’s what Sanchez had to say, imagine what the decidedly not shy Rex Ryan is thinking.

So who knows?  Maybe this will make the Jets a more cohesive team in the end. Only time will tell.

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