Jeff Francoeur Snatches Popcorn From A Fan (Video)

francoeur popcornChasing fly balls around the outfield is enough to make anyone hungry, including Kansas City Royals’ right-fielder, Jeff Francoeur.

The man they call “Frenchy” has been building his reputation as a fan favorite not only in Kansas City, but around the entire MLB this season.  It started in Oakland, when Francoeur sponsored the A’s fans’ second annual Bacon Tuesday event by sending the Bacon Tuesday fans 20 pizzas and a signed bat.  And it continued last night in Chicago, when Frenchy decided to use his quick hands to snatch some popcorn from a White Sox fan after attempting to chase down a fly ball along the right-field foul line.

We applaud Francoeur for his willingness to interact with opposing fans in a friendly manner, but this could have turned into a real problem had he been forced to throw a batter out at home with his buttery hands later on in the inning.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

Here is a look at Frenchy’s popcorn stealing antics.

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