Jeremy Lin Skypes With 5-Year-Old Fan Who Was Heartbroken The Knicks Didn’t Resign Him (Videos)

jeremy lin skype chat with 5-year-old fanLots of New York Knicks fans were upset that the team didn’t match the Houston Rockets’ offer to free agent point guard Jeremy Lin last month, which brought an unceremonious end to Linsanity in the Big Apple. But none were more upset than a little 5-year-old boy named Naim.

When this poor guy found out the Knicks didn’t sign his favorite player, he just balled. It was sad, but of course, it was also cute. So his dad grabbed his phone and started recording. Then he put the video on YouTube, where it’s been viewed about 60,000 times so far.

Here’s that video. It’s kind of longer than it needs to be in order for you to get your daily dose of cuteness, so don’t watch the whole thing. Just take a quick look:

You gotta feel for the kid, right?

Well, it turns out that one of the 60,000 people who saw this video was Jeremy Lin himself.  And he felt for the kid too!  So he contacted little Naim’s parents and set up a Skype chat with him.

And of course, dad filmed that as well. So here it is:

How awesome is that? Say what you want about Jeremy Lin—that he’s overrated, overpaid, or whatever—but you have to admit, the dude is a class act.

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