Olympic Gossip: Rumors Fly About Kobe Bryant’s Friendship With Australia’s Stephanie Rice (Pics)

You know what really sucks about cheating on your wife—you know, besides having to live with the fact that you’ve violated her trust and left her emotionally devastated? It’s that, for the rest of your life, any time somebody sees you in public with a woman who is not you wife (assuming she didn’t dump you), they’ll assume the worst.

Just ask Kobe Bryant. It has been almost 10 years since the guy publicly admitted to cheating on his wife (remember that whole rape trial thing?), but still to this day he can’t be photographed anywhere near another woman without rumors swirling.

Last week it was those photos of a shirtless Kobe hanging out with two hot chicks at a party in Barcelona that got everybody tweeting. Now, it’s a seemingly innocent trip to the Olympic velodrome in London with a certain Australian swimmer that has some people all worked up.

Check out these photos:



That’s right. Kobe found some time to take in some women’s cycling the other day, and the fact that he sat with Stephanie Rice had a lot of people talking on Twitter.

Why? Well apparently the two became friends at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.  Then they were spotted at a party together in Manchester before the start of this year’s festivities. So the fact that they are acquainted, combined with Kobe’s well-documented marital troubles and Stephanie’s penchant for Olympic hook-ups (people say she got busy with Michael Phelps four years ago), have some people assuming the worst.

Which people, you ask? Well, Australian Olympic basketball player Liz Cambage, for one. She saw Kobe and Stephanie sitting together at the velodrome and issues the following tweets:

liz cambage tweet about kobe and stephanie rice

Do I smell a cat fight?

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