New Zealand Female Field Hockey Player Whacked In The Head By Dutch Player’s Stick (GIF)

dutch field hockey slashFor those who enjoy watching all of the reckless slashing and hitting of the NHL, but also enjoy watching sexy women running around in short dresses, we have the perfect sport for you…

Women’s field hockey!

In case you haven’t noticed, women’s field hockey has been taking place at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and it has provided us all with a blend of nastiness and sexiness, all in a single sport. For proof of this, we turn to today’s thrilling field hockey match between New Zealand and the Neatherlands, which needed a shootout to decide a winner (that winner would be the Netherlands).

The nastiness could be seen in the gif below, which features footage of a Dutch player whacking a Kiwi player over the head with her stick.

As for the sexiness, look no further than the following images of some of the gorgeous Dutch and NewZealand players, as they nervously await the results of the penalty shootout.

sexy new zealand field hockey player

sexy dutch field hockey players

I’ve always been a big fan of women’s beach volleyball, but I think I may officially have a new favorite Olympic sport.

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