Google’s Homepage Has A Cool Kayak Game

As if Google hasn’t already provided us all with enough through their incredibly efficient and extensive search engine, throughout these Olympics Games they have decided to give us even more, via their series of addictive Google Doodle Olympic Games, which allow you to play a different Olympic sport each day before you get on with your internet search.

Today, the game of choice is kayaking.  You begin at the starting line…

google doodle kayak 1

…and have to race through the course while directing your boat through the markers using the arrow keys…

google doodle kayak 2

…in an attempt to cross the finish line in the fastest time.

google doodle kayak 3

Think you’re good enough to earn a Google Doodles gold medal?

If that sounds like fun, but kayaking isn’t exactly your thing, they also have a basketball and a hurdles game available at the Google Doodles website.

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