Everton Fans Storm Field After James Hibbert Scores His First Career Goal After 12 Seasons, 309 Games (Video)

everton fans storm field after james hibbert goalYou know, not everybody can be a goal-scorer. But you would think that over the course of 12 seasons with the same soccer team, you might put the ball into the back of the net at least once.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for Everton’s James Hibbert.

The guy has played 309 games over the course of 12 seasons for Everton of the English Premier League—some at midfield, some at right back—but not once has the guy scored a goal. Seems almost impossible, doesn’t it?

On Wednesday night the team had a “testimonial match” for goalless James Hibbert, who is a bit of a cult hero among the Everton faithful.

Now, a testimonial match is an exhibition game held to honor players who have played for one club for a long time—usually 10 or more years. The tradition originated back in the day when players didn’t get paid that much to play soccer. So clubs would stage a game in a player’s honor to thank him for his loyal service, then let him keep all the proceeds from the gates. Of course, today that extra money is hardly needed, so they just have testimonial matches to honor fan favorites.

So would you like to guess what happened at the James “0 goals in 309 games” Hibbert testimonial match?

Yep. That’s right. James Hibbert finally scored a goal. It wasn’t pretty. It probably should have been saved. And, officially, it won’t count for anything. But, unofficially, it meant everything.

Just check it out for yourself:

This may be the first time in the history of pro sports that fans invaded the field after a goal in a meaningless preseason exhibition game.

Pretty awesome, right?

Hat Tip – [101GreatGoals]

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