Some Nuns Did The “Zoltan Z” At The Pittsburgh Pirates Game Last Night (Video)

nuns doing pirates zoltan zIn case you hadn’t noticed, the Pittsburgh Pirates—the team that hasn’t had a winning record since 1992—are 16 games over .500, just 2.5 games out of first place in the NL Central, and currently 3.5 games up on the Cardinals for the second of the NL’s two wild card spots.

Needless to say, this is a big deal. With each passing day, it is looking more and more like the Pirates’ North American pro sports record streak of 19 consecutive losing seasons will come to an end before it hits 20. And that has both the players and the fans in Pittsburgh doing something they haven’t done for a long, long time: having fun at Pirates games.

They’ve even got an official Pittsburgh Pirates celebratory gesture. It’s called the “Zoltan Z.”  And no, it has nothing to do with Adam Sandler (that’s Zohan) or Zoltan Torkos.

Instead, the gesture started as some inside joke between the players, an obscure reference to the classic 2000 Ashton Kutcher masterpiece, Dude, Where’s My Car? But after catcher Rod Barajas hit a walk-off home run against the Nationals back in May, and his teammates all gathered at home plate flashing the “Zoltan Z” sign, the inside joke became a phenomenon.

Now it’s not just the players flashing the “Z” to each other. The fans get in on the act, too. And on Wednesday night, some particularly holy fans showed they, too, are waiting for Zoltan.

Check it out:

Of course, only two of them seemed to have actually mastered the “Z.”  But they’re nuns, and presumably are too busy feeding the homeless or teaching little children to sit at computer and watch this instructional video:

So we’ll cut them some slack.

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