More Video and Pictures of the Olympic Bottle Thrower Surface

bottle thrower 100m olympicsRemember the other day when we told you about Usain Bolt‘s historic victory in the men’s 100m final, and how some guy threw a bottle out onto the track right before the starter fired his pistol?

Well, the bottle-thrower’s name is Ashley Gill-Webb. He’s a vending machine repair man from South Milford in North Yorkshire, and on Monday he appeared before the Stratford Magistrates’ Court on charges of public disorderliness.

His official plea? Not guilty.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gill-Webb is going to have a hard time proving his innocence. That’s because, though it took a few days, video of the incident that nearly marred the Olympics’ marquee event has finally surfaced. And you get a pretty clear view of the bottle-thrower, as well as the Dutch judoka who roughed him up afterwards.

Have a look:

The culprit might have been harder to spot if he wasn’t standing among the Dutch contingent. But their neon orange shirts and jackets make the little dude stand out like a sore thumb.

Plus, the doofus wore the same sunglasses he was wearing at the stadium to his court hearing. Have a look:


Ashley Gill-Webb, who was arrested for throwing a bottle onto the track at the Olympic Stadium just before the start of the men's 100m final, leaves Stratford Magistrates' Court in London

Yeah, no, that totally wasn’t you, dude (insert sarcastic face here).

Anyway, the video does not show what we really wanted to see: judo bronze medalist Edith Bosch’s ensuing assault on the idiot vending machine repair man. However, she claims she simply hit the guy on his back with a flat hand and then held on to him until security officials came and dragged him away.

Is it the truth?  Who knows?  I guess we’ll just have to wait until footage of the altercation surfaces before we get the real answer to that question.

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