Watch This Pole Snap In Three Places During Cuban Pole Vaulter’s First Attempt (Video)

pole breaks on lazaro borges during olympic pole vaultImagine you’re a pole vaulter. You bust your butt training six days a week for ten years, hoping to one day make the Olympics and get a shot at the ultimate prize; an Olympic medal.

Now imagine you made the Olympics, and your big day has arrived. All you have to do is go out there and do what you’ve done a million times…

…And then your pole breaks in half, just like that.

This happened yesterday to Cuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges. On his very first attempt of the day, going for a height of 5.35 meters, his fiberglass pole snapped in three places. Thankfully, it ended up being just a bad dream and not a total nightmare. Neither he nor the nearby officials were impaled by the broken shards of the pole, and Borges managed to land safely on the padding.

However, it seems that the incident left Borges a little shaken up. While he made another attempt at 5.35 and one at 5.50, he failed two other attempts at 5.35 and all three attempts at 5.60. Thus, despite being the silver medalist at the 2011 World Championships, Borges failed to qualify for the final.

Thanks a lot pole!

Anyway, here’s the video, in excruciatingly slow motion. Take a look:

I guess it could have been worse, though. He could have been this guy.

Hat Tip – [Fourth Place Medal]

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