Brewers’ Randy Wolf Threw A Ridiculously Slow 49 MPH Curveball Last Night (Video)

randy wolf brewers 49 mph pitchLast season, when the Milwaukee Brewers won the National League Central Division, three of their starting pitchers had a little contest going. It wasn’t a contest to see who could strike out the most batters, or eat the most nachos, or get the most phone numbers from adoring female fans. It was a contest to see who could throw the slowest pitch.

Seriously. The three contestants were Shaun Marcum, Zack Greinke, and Randy Wolf. They wouldn’t try to out-slow each other on every pitch or to the team’s detriment. But when the time was right, and the situation called for changing speeds and slowing things down, they would try their damnedest to throw as slow as they possibly could.

The winner? That would be Wolf, who managed to get one all the way down to 58 mph.

Anyway, last season went so well for the Brew Crew and their pitching staff that the three amigos decided to have their little contest again. Wolf got things started in April with a pitch of 56.5 mph. But Greinke struck back with a 53.3 mph pitch of his own in June. That pitch had held up ever since, and everyone probably thought the contest was over when Zack was traded to the Angels.

But apparently it was not over. Not for Randy Wolf, anyway. Because last night against the first-place Cincinnati Reds, the guy threw a mind bogglingly slow 49-mph pitch to Brandon Phillips.

Unless they start tossing the ball in there underhand, I don’t see how anyone in the Majors is going to beat that. Not that he’ll have much competition. He certainly won’t have to worry about the Reds’ Aroldis Chapman breaking his mark, as we assume that he will probably stick to throwing his 103 mph fireballs.

Hat Tip – [SBNation]

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