Olympic Celebration Fail: Water Polo Coach Jumps Into Pool, On Player’s Head (Video)

coach jumps on water polo player headUnlike other team sports, such as soccer and basketball, women’s water polo is relatively new to the Summer Olympics, having been added only 12 years ago for the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. And unlike those other sports, the USA has not completely dominated women’s water polo.

Coming into London 2012, the Americans had medaled in each of the previous three tournaments, but they had yet to win gold.  Thus, when the USA women’s water polo team defeated Spain 8-5 yesterday to take their first gold medal in the sport, there was a lot to celebrate. And, as is the tradition of water polo, the celebration went into the pool—coaches too, clothes and all. It’s pretty much the equivalent of the water cooler shower in football.

However, having never celebrated a gold medal before, it seems these people have a few things to learn about celebrating in water polo. For example, when you jump into the pool, you need to make sure you don’t jump on one of your players’ heads.

That’s right, one of the USA coaches jumped into the pool with the rest of the team, and landed right on top of one of his players.

Here’s the video. He’s the last one in the pool, jumping in at the 0:23 mark.

Ouch! That poor girl probably has a pretty stiff neck today. Hopefully it won’t prevent her from wearing her gold medal around.

In any case, if that German discuss thrower gave us the best celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics, this would have to be the worst.

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