Olympics BMX Crash Wipes Out The Competition (Video)

olympics bmx crashNew Zealand BMX racer Marc Willers will probably never win an easier race in his life.

During the opening quarterfinal run in the third heat of yesterday’s men’s cycling BMX race, Willers took a lead heading into the second-last turn of the race, and that small lead payed incredibly large dividends, as he was able to escape the carnage that unfolded behind him when all seven of the other riders piled onto each other.

Willer would cruise to the easy victory, a whopping nine seconds ahead of the next closest rider.  A second-place and first-place finish in his next two races would help him book a spot in today’s semi-finals.  Unfortunately, that is where his luck would run out, as this time around his opponents managed to stay on their bikes, forcing the New Zealand rider to finish at the bottom of his heat.

Willers sure could have used another epic pile-up like this one.  Check it out:

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