The Replacement Ref At The Ravens-Falcons Game Last Night Kept Calling Atlanta, “Arizona” (Video)

replacement refWith the NFL and the NFL Referees Association unable to come to terms on a new contract, the league has locked out its officials. Thus, in order for the season to begin on time, the league has found a bunch of replacements to officiate the preseason games. And, as you would expect, just one game in, the results have already been quite comical, with a number of blown calls and an official who doesn’t even know where the hell he is.

Last night at the preseason kick-off between the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons, one of the replacement refs just could not get it into his head that he was in Atlanta, not Arizona. And every time he turned on his microphone to explain a ruling, he botched it up.  Though, to his credit, both teams do have birds for mascots, and both are located in places that begin and end with the letter “A.”

Anyway, you can see it all unfold in the video below. It’s pretty hilarious, and even the announcers were embarrassed:

The dude’s name is Craig Ochoa. He’s normally a NCAA Division I ref, and maybe he lives in Arizona, or just got back from a vacation in Tucson, or has officiated one-too-many games in the Pac-12.  Either way, he’ll probably want to figure out exactly where he is if he expects to keep his new job in the NFL.

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