Brandon Inge Dislocated His Shoulder, But Pops It Back In And Goes On To Get The Game-Winning Hit (Video)

brandon inge pops shoulder back into socketWhen you think of tough athletes, it’s usually football, rugby, or hockey players that come to mind—dudes known for their legendary ability to inflict and play through serious pain.

As for baseball players, while they aren’t really considered “soft,” they’re not considered particularly tough, either. However, the reputation of baseball players is going to change if Oakland A’s third baseman Brandon Inge has anything to say about it.

On Saturday night the A’s were in Chicago to take on the White Sox. In the bottom of the 7th inning with the score tied 6-6, Inge made a great diving play to snag a sharp-hit ball down the third base line. However, he couldn’t make the throw because he dislocated his shoulder on the play.

But come out of the game? Hell no! Inge just popped his shoulder back in all by himself, before the trainer could even get there. Then he took a few practice throws before play resumed.

And in the top of the 8th, with men on first and third, two outs, and the score tied 7-7, Inge delivered what would go on to be the game-winning hit.

Check out the video for yourself:

Is that guy tough or what?

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