Jamaican Fan Attacks Usain Bolt (With Kisses) After His Victory In 4x100m (Video)

usain bolt attacked kissed by fanI imagine quite a few ladies had their hearts broken after Usain Bolt and his Jamaican teammates won gold in the men’s 4x100m at the Olympics on Saturday, setting a new world record in the process.

Why? Because after the race they would have seen Bolt get greeted by an extremely joyful and affectionate woman dressed in Jamaican colors, and most people probably would have assumed that she was his girlfriend.

Of course, that assumption would have been incorrect. That was not Usain Bolt’s girlfriend. In fact, he didn’t even know her. She was just some Jamaican woman who got a little carried away after Bolt won his third gold medal of the 2012 Games, and sixth all-time.

Somehow she got out on the track and, jumping up and down, latched on to the world’s fastest man. Then she gave him at least 8 kisses before Bolt was able to break free and continue on his way.

See for yourself:

As you can see, Bolt was pretty nice to her. In fact, he even seemed amused. And why not? It’s not like kissing is a bad thing. Still, you can tell from that look on his face that he does not know who the hell she is.

But such is life when you’re the most famous track star in the world.

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