Rajai Davis Climbs The Wall To Rob Casey McGehee Of A Home Run (Video)

rajai davis wall climb catchDuring yesterday’s game between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays, Yanks third baseman Casey McGehee hit a towering fly ball that soared approximately 370 feet through the air in left field at the Rogers Center.  Usually that would be enough to earn McGehee a trip around the bases, but on this occasion it resulted in a jog back to the dugout, as Jays left fielder Rajai Davis climbed the outfield wall and came up with what may very well be the best play in the Majors this season.

With no outs, only one runner on and the Jays leading by six at the time of the catch, it may not have seemed like a critical moment in the game, however, the Yankees would go on to record three runs later in the inning.  So it isn’t unreasonable to suggest that Rajai’s catch may have been more important than it initially appeared to be, as the Jays record the 10-7 victory and put an end to their five-game losing streak.

You simply can’t time a jump more perfectly than this:

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