One Of Rory McIlroy’s Tee Shots Got Stuck In A Dead Tree On Saturday (Video)

rory mcilroy ball stuck in dead treeGuess what, folks? It does not suck to be Rory McIlroy these days. Not only is the guy dating gorgeous tennis star Caroline Wozniacki—which would be enough for most of us—but he’s also sitting at the summit of the golf universe, looking down on everybody else.

And he’s only 23-years-old.

On Sunday, the Northern Irishman won the PGA Championship by a record 8 strokes. It was his second major championship in the last two years, and it pretty much cemented his status as one of the game’s brightest young stars.

But if you really want to know how well things are going for McIlroy these days, all you have to do it look at what happened on the 3rd hole of  Saturday’s Round Three action at Kiawah Island.

McIlroy’s tee shot hit a tree, which isn’t that uncommon. But this was a dead tree, so the ball didn’t just take a bad bounce and give the kid a difficult lie. The ball got stuck in the tree. And after a crack team of tournament officials looked everywhere for the ball for a few minutes (which is pretty much what I do after 75% of my tee shots), McIlroy was forced to take a drop.

Have a look at the bizarre scene yourself (45 second mark):

Now here’s the thing: For other golfers, getting a ball stuck in a dead tree would be a bit of a bad omen and a sign that things aren’t going so well. But not for McIlroy, who would go on to par the hole and win the Championship by a record eight strokes.

So yeah, that’s how good things are going for this guy these days.

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