Spanish Soccer Star Sergio Ramos Kicked A 53-Yard Field Goal At The Eagles Game (Video)

real madrid sergio ramos 53 yard field goalFootball fans are always pumped when the NFL preseason begins every year. However, the reality is that these games are actually pretty boring. So if you happen to have tickets to a game, you pay pretty close attention for the first 10 minutes, while all the starters are still in the game. Then, after that, you go off in search of that one concession stand that sells the crazy nachos, hit the bathroom, and have a few more beers until you don’t really care who is playing.

However, at the Philadelphia Eagles’ preseason opener on Thursday night, fans were treated to something pretty awesome at halftime that you don’t get to see too often.

Namely, a world-class soccer player kicking a 53-yard field goal.

That soccer player was Sergio Ramos, two-time La Liga champion, two-time Euro champion, and 2010 World Cup Champion. He was in town because his club, Real Madrid, was playing a preseason friendly of its own against Celtic F.C. in a couple of days. And during halftime, the Eagles brought the 26-year-old Spanish defender out to see if he could put one through the uprights.

Of course, he did.

Check it out:

As you can see, Sergio didn’t just make it. That kick was right down the center, and it had enough gas to go at least another 5 yards.

It was a pretty cool gimmick, really, though I’m sure the Eagles’ kickers didn’t appreciate him making them look bad.

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