Cash 4 Gold: What Countries Pay for Gold Medal Winners at the 2012 Summer Olympics

what counties paid for gold medals at the 2012 summer olympics

Well, the 2012 Summer Olympics are finally over. It was all a lot of fun but, unfortunately, now it’s time to pay the bill.

What bill, you ask?

Well, I’m not talking about the bill the taxpayers of London are going to be paying off for the next 20 years—the bill for the games themselves. Though that, too, will have to be paid. (Sorry, London.) No, I’m talking about the bill for all those gold medals.

You see, a lot of countries offer cash bonuses to their athletes for bringing home the gold. In some countries, these bonuses are relatively modest in size because they are merely rewards for a job well-done (and attempts to suck up to temporarily patriotic Olympics-drunk voters). In other countries, however, these bonus are pretty sizable because they think they will have a carrot and stick effect, motivating athletes to do better in order to get that big payday.

So now that the Games are over and all the medals have been handed out, it’s time for the various governments and Olympic Committees around the world to get the bill for all their Olympic success. And in some cases, the bill is pretty high.

Thus today we’re raking 23 countries in accordance with what they pay for gold medal victories at the Olympics. Then we’ll add up all the wins to calculate how much each country will owe its gold medalists.

Let’s get started.

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