German Sports Network Makes Two Low-Division Soccer Teams Feel Like Pros For One Day (Video)

amateur german soccer player interviewed by sky sportsEvery athlete dreams of playing on his or her game’s biggest stage. You know, a big stadium, cheering fans, bright lights, TV cameras, sidelines reporters—the works.

However, very few will ever have this experience. Sure, sometimes amateur teams will get to play in pro venues for some reason or another, but without the fans and media presence, they only get part of the pro experience.

Well, in advance of this weekend’s kickoff of the 2012-13 Bundesliga season, German television network Sky Sports decided to give some 8th Division soccer players the thrill of a lifetime.

You see, the 8th Division of German Fußball would be like a non-affiliated low-A baseball team in the U.S. or Canada. Technically, there’s always a chance that a player on one of these teams could make it all the way to the big leagues…but not really. These guys just play because they love it, without ever expecting to sniff the Bundesliga.

However, for one friendly match between SV Lohhof and SSV Dillingen, Sky Sports decided to give these guys the pro treatment. So, after the teams had warmed up and returned to their locker rooms, Sky brought in a complete Bundesliga set-up—cameras, banners, reporters, announcers and, most importantly, boisterous (beer-fueled) fans.

The result? About 30 guys got to feel what it would be like to be real pros.

Have a look at the video. It’s pretty awesome.

I think my favorite part is the look on the players’ faces as they walk out of their locker rooms to find cameras in their faces.

I also love how they were able to round up so many German sports fans willing to cheer these guys—not that this is surprising. As we’ve seen in the past, German sports fans are willing to cheer for just about anything if they have enough beer.

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