The 911 Call In The Chad Johnson Domestic Abuse Case Has Been Released To The Public (Audio)

chad johnson mug shotIn case you haven’t heard by now, on Saturday night the three-ring media circus that is Chad Johnson‘s life took a turn for the serious.

The Dolphins receiver formerly known as Ochocinco was arrested late Saturday night on charges of domestic battery. He and his wife, Evelyn Lozada, just got married last month—you might have heard, since the guy live-tweeted the whole thing—but on Saturday the two got into a heated argument in a car parked in their driveway, and she alleged that he head-butted her.

The cause of the quarrel? Some are reporting that Lozada found a Walgreens receipt for condoms in the trunk of Johnson’s car, which I guess she deduced were not intended to be used with her.

Anyway, it was a neighbor who called 911 on the couple. And yesterday, police released the audio of that call. Have a listen:

You’ve got to hand it to the guy for staying cool under pressure.

Johnson has maintained his innocence, claiming it was his new bride who head-butted him. And while I would normally dismiss such a claim as nonsense, the fact that his wife is a reality TV star at least makes it worth waiting until the man is proven guilty in a court of law before we vilify him.

Of course, the Dolphins aren’t taking that approach. They cut Johnson from the team about 24 hours after his arrest. Officially they say it was not a result of just the domestic abuse accusation, but if you believe that, then I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

Still, some of Johnson’s teammates were not too happy about his quick dismissal. They believe the club should have let the legal issues play out a little more. And that’s not surprising, since they enjoyed a “Brokeback Mountain type relationship” with the guy.

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