Is This The Worst Penalty Kick In The History Of Soccer?

epic penalty kick failThere are a lot of ways to botch a penalty kick. You can hit the post or the crossbar. You can shoot wide or high. You can put it where the keeper can actually get to it.  Or you can whiff altogether and fall on your butt.

Any one of these scenarios would be embarrassing, but you couldn’t really classify any of them as “epic fails.” Kicking the ball twenty feet over the goal on a penalty kick, on the other hand, would certainly be classified as an epic fail.

Just ask Jonathan Soriano, forward for Red Bull Salzburg of the Austrian Bundesliga. This past Sunday his team was taking on Rapid Vienna, and in the 79th minute, with his team trailing 2-0, Soriano was given a chance to cut the lead in half when he was awarded a penalty shot.

However, rather than putting the ball in the twine, he gave us what may very well be the worst penalty shot ever taken. It’s so bad, in fact, that it doesn’t even seem physically possible. And yet, it really happened.

Check it out:

What the f-ing hell, right? Is the goalie some kind of wizard? Was somebody in the crowd behind the goal pulling the old “dong distraction trick” we learned about at Euro 2012?

Unfortunately I don’t speak German, so I can’t tell you what the announcers were saying. However, I did here an “American football” at the 0:28 mark, so I assume he was saying it looked more like a field goal than a penalty kick.

In any case, I’m afraid this poor guy is never going to live this down. Ever.

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