Mayor of Phoenix Breaks His Nose Practicing with WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury (Video)

phoenix mayor practices with wnba mercuryWe all know politicians like a good photo op—you know, a chance to shake hands and kiss babies. It makes them seem more human, like the rest of us.

And these days, pro sports teams offer politicians some of the best photo ops one can buy. However, the really good politicians don’t settle for demonstrating an interest in sports. They get into the game, because jocks are cool, and people only want to vote for cool people.

This is probably why Barack Obama won the Presidency. It wasn’t his audacity to hope that people liked; it was his jump shot.

And recently, Greg Stanton, the Mayor of Phoenix, decided that, hey, if shooting hoops with the Connecticut Lady Huskies worked for Obama, he too would demonstrate his basketball skills. So he took part in a practice session with the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury.

Only thing is, the Mercury weren’t interested in a casual shoot-around. They’re just back from their long Olympic break and looking to get back into the swing of things, so when the mayor stopped by, they didn’t slow things down.  Instead, they ran full drills and allowed him to participate.

And he did, gamely…until he broke his nose.

As you can see, he went up for a rebound against Nakia Sanford, and his nose met the business end of her elbow. Later, a CT scan revealed that his nose was fractured in two placed.

Stanton was a good sport about it, though. He later tweeted, “Thx @PhoenixMercury & trainer Tamara Poole. Can’t wait 2 see them back on 8/19 when I’ll be watching from the stands!”

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