MMA Fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller Found Naked In SoCal Church, Busted For Burglary

jason-mayhem-miller-16It hasn’t been a good few months for former MMA fighter and reality TV host Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

Heading into his fight against C.B. Dollway back in May at UFC 146, the host of MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” said he would retire if he didn’t win. Then, he didn’t win. However, before he even had a chance to retire, UFC President Dana White fired him for sucking. And just a few days ago, the two got into a back-and-forth argument on Twitter, which is always the best forum for such debates.

But now “Mayhem” has really hit rock bottom. On Monday the guy was arrested in Orange County, California, on burglary charges.

The pastor of the Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo noticed signs of a burglary on Monday morning, including CDs and books strewn about, fire extinguishers that had been set off, and a board missing from an already broken window. So the pastor called the cops, and when they showed up they found Miller.  Nude.  Sleeping on a couch.

They booked the guy and held him on $20,000 bail, which, given his current unemployment, we can only assume he did not make. On Tuesday he underwent medical and mental evaluations (because who strips naked and breaks into a church?), and today he’ll have his first court appearance.

So stay tuned. This could be good.

Hat Tip – [Toronto Star]

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