Watch This Badass Race Horse Try To Bite His Competitor’s Ear (Video)

race horse tries to bite competitorRemember that episode of The Simpsons when Homer and Bart rescued a race horse from an abusive owner, then trained him to be a badass race horse named Furious D who would win all his races with the help of intimidation tactics?

Yeah, well, you’re about to meet the real life Furious D.

Over the weekend at the Del Mar Racetrack in Southern California, in a race featuring horses apparently owned by literature nerds, a race horse named Whitman’s Luck tried to take a bite out of a horse named Romeo Royale as the two sprinted down the home stretch. Luckily for Romeo, Whitman’s Luck didn’t get him, and Romeo hung on to win the race. Still, you don’t see that everyday.

Have a look:

So if you ever wondered whether race horses care if they win or lose, there’s your answer.

Now, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted any harm to come to these beautiful animals. However, I do sort of wish Whitman’s Luck actually had bitten Romeo. He would have made a great addition to our list of famous sports biters.

Hat Tip – [iSports Times]

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