25 Best GIFs From The 2012 Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics may be gone forever, but their greatest (and worst…not to mention their most hilarious) moments will live on forever.

In what form will these moments live on forever? Well, it won’t be in video, that’s for sure. The IOC has already begun scouring the world wide web, looking for illicitly uploaded videos so they can demand that they be taken down. Because, you know, the Olympics are for everybody…as long as everybody pays the IOC’s corporate sponsors.

Of course, our Olympic memories will live on forever in words. Lot’s of different outlets, including TotalProSports, have offered of extensive summaries of the London Games. But memories are not the moments themselves. They’re facsimiles.

No, the moments themselves are going to live on in animated GIF form. They capture the moments just the way they happened, and once they get out there on the web, they are there forever. So today we bring you the 25 best Olympic GIFs we encountered over the last several weeks. They’re funny, incredible, hilarious, embarrassing, and weird—which is to say, generally pretty awesome.

Why don’t you have a look?

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