Instead of Being Tackled, German Pitch Intruder Gets Handshake from Lionel Messi (Video)

german pitch invader shakes lionel messi handSo apparently Germans are extremely tolerant of fan field invasions.

Here in North America, if a fan runs onto the field, he knows he is likely running into a world of pain. It might be an actual cop a or just a security guard, but you will be tackled or tasered.

And at Rugby games in Enland and Australia? God help you, because it’s not the security officials you have to worry about. It’s the players—they’re field invasion vigilantes.

But in Germany? Well, they’ll just let you take your little stroll, maybe to visit a player or two, then politely escort you off the field.

We know this because it just happened yesterday. During an international friendly in Frankfurt between Germany and Argentina, a fan ran out onto the pitch and interrupted the game. But apparently he seemed harmless enough, because not one person tried to stop him. In fact, the greatest soccer player of all time (inch for inch, anyway), Lionel Messi, actually walked over to the guy and shook his hand.

Have a look:

When did the German’s get so zen-like?

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