Terrell Owens and Pete Carroll Pull Prank on Seattle Seahawks (Video)

seahawks prank terrell owensIt has long been a tradition at many NFL training camps to keep things light by hazing the new guys. You may recall that, last year, the Indianapolis Colts pulled a pretty good prank on one of their fellow gridiron warriors.

Well, Pete Carrol and the Seattle Seahawks also like to keep things light and indulge in a good prank every now and then. And the recent arrival of NFL veteran and superstar prima donna Terrell Owens presented a classic opportunity. After all, hazing the newbies is great; but when the newbie is T.O.? It’s even better.

So the other day before a team meeting at the Seahawks camp, the team organized a prank. However, Coach Carroll had a trick up his sleeve. After carrying out the supposed prank the team was expecting, he and Terrell Owens carried out a prank of their own on the team.

Check it out for yourself. The first supposed prank climaxes at the 1:50 mark. Then they regroup, and the second prank—the one on the rest of the team—climaxes at the 5:31 mark.

The team thinks they got T.O. pretty good, making him come up to give some stupid sappy speech, then having Pete Carroll tell him to sit the hell down. But then T.O. and Carroll get them back by orchestrating an awkward confrontation.

Did the guys buy it? Well, according to long snapper Clint Greshem, yes. Afterward he tweeted, “Our whole team just got punked soo bad by TO & coach Carroll. Wow that was the most akward moment ever and was so glad it was a joke! #punk.”

Hat Tip – [NFL.com]

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