Torii Hunter KO’s Umpire During Play At The Plate (Video)

torii hunter ko umpireThis year hasn’t been a kind one for baseball umpires.  Thus far they’ve had to absorb abuse from a variety of different individuals in a variety of different manners, from being hit with bats, helmets and balls, to withstanding the intense verbal abuse of an angry coach.

And now we have another form of abuse to add to the list following last night’s game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Cleveland Indians, as Angels’ outfielder Torii Hunter knocked umpire Greg Gibson out with a kick to the face following a close play at the plate in the bottom of the fifth.

After leading the inning off with a hit-by-pitch walk, Hunter reached third on a Kendrys Morales triple and attempted to make it home on the play when Shin-Soo Choo’s throw missed the cutoff man.  Indians third baseman Jack Hannahan picked the ball up quickly and fired it home, where Hunter attempted to slide around the tag of catcher Carlos Santana.  But Hunter’s body couldn’t avoid the tag, and his foot couldn’t avoid the face of Gibson, who hit the ground in a heap of pain.

Gibson remained on the ground for a few seconds, before being taken off the field and to a hospital, where he underwent precautionary x-rays and needed a few stitches to repair his bloody face.  Reports indicate that he’s expected to be okay.

As for Hunter, he was called out on the play, but his Angels would go on to win the game anyways, taking it by a score of 8-4.

Here is another look at the frightening play at the plate:

Hunter usually wears metal spikes, but he’s been wearing rubber for the fast few games, and that decision may have save umpire Greg Gibson an eye, or two.


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