Fan Dies of a Heart Attack at Blue Jays Game

fan dies at blue jays game

If there’s any good that can come from a tragic and untimely death, it’s that one family’s loss can remind the rest of us to keep things in perspective.

Sports are a lot of fun. They help us take our minds off real life for a while, and that is invaluable. However, there is a tendency to take things too seriously and forget that there are more important things in life than whether your team wins or loses. And nothing slaps us in the face and wakes us up to this reality like a death at a sporting event.

Of course, the family and friends of the man who died of a heart attack at the Rogers Centre in Toronto on Thursday night would rather not have had this important lesson taught at their expense.

With the Chicago White Sox on the field and the Blue Jays at the plate during the bottom of the seventh inning, a 60-year-old man collapsed in the field-level boxes near the third base line. Play was halted while paramedics rushed to his aid to deliver CPR before putting him on a stretcher and rushing him away through the left field fence.

He was later declared dead at the hospital. And while this fact was not officially reported until a couple hours after the game, people knew the situation was not good while it was unfolding.

Though all the players popped out of the dugouts to see what was happening, White Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis had the best vantage point. And after the game he said that it did not look good from where he stood.

“It was bad,” he explained. “I could see the guy pumping on him, doing something where I just knew it was happening too long. I said something to [Umpire] Mark [Wegner] and finally I was like ‘We’ve got to stop this thing.’ It puts it in perspective, you know? This is a game, it’s not life or death.”

White Sox pitcher Jesse Crain offered similar thoughts.

“You automatically start thinking of life, you put everything in perspective. At the beginning of that inning I’m fired up to get guys out and not let that guy score and you see something like that it puts everything in perspective,” he said. “I said a little prayer for him after everything started going again just to make myself feel better (because you have to play).”

Today this man’s family is surely shocked and saddened, still reeling from the events of last night. But hopefully in the coming weeks they can take some modicum of comfort in knowing that this man’s death caused a lot of people to give their loved ones an extra hug.

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