Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette Does Some Yoga With Playboy Model Amy Lynn Grover (Video)

bissonnette yoga with amy lynn groverPaul Bissonnette of the Phoenix Coyotes doesn’t give us much to talk about on the ice. I mean, the guy has recorded just 8 points in 135 NHL games.

However Bissonnette, or as his fans like to call him, BizNasty, has managed to become one of the NHL’s most entertaining and most talked-about personalities off the ice, thanks to his cunning use of social media. Sure, sometimes he takes things a bit too far, like when he called Ilya Kovalchuk a communist on Twitter a few years ago. But most of the time his “tell it like it is” attitude is pretty entertaining.

That’s why he’s got over 300,000 followers on Twitter.

It’s also why he has his own web TV segment for Canadian sports channel The Score called “Downtime with BizNasty,” which is what this article is actually about.

You see, BizNasty recently visited a West Hollywood gym called “Cut Up” to film a little workout and yoga session with Playboy model/yoga instructor Amy Lynn Grover—who just so happens to be a Canadian herself.

The video’s pretty amusing, as Bissonnette talks about how he likes to get pedicures and Amy Lynn Grover teases him about how he doesn’t get much ice time (Did I mention she’s a Canadian girl?).

Have a look:

Not bad, right?

Of course, I thought you might be interested in doing a little more yoga with Amy Lynn. So here you go:

You’re welcome.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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