Rajon Rondo Shows Off Mad Hops By Jumping Onto A Box (Video)

rajon rondo verticle leap jumps on 5 foot boxAt just 6’1″, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo (or, as the Mayor of Boston likes to call him, Hondo) is short for a professional basketball player.

However, the man knows what the key to success is for athletes who have lots of ability, but are not blessed with above-average physiques: hard work.

You won’t see photos of Rondo lazing around Ibiza like some soccer player during the offseason. And if you’re only 6’1″ in the NBA, you better spend every moment you can working on your vertical, which is exactly what Rondo’s been up to this off-season.

Want to see the results of his hard work? Then check out this video. It was shot by the Celtics’ strength and conditioning coach, Bryan Doo, and in it we see Rondo showing off his ridiculous hops.

That box has to be 5 feet tall, right?

I guess if Rondo doesn’t make the Team USA men’s basketball team for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, he can always try his luck with the American high-jump team.

Hat Tip – [Boston.com]

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