Tyler Seguin Almost Killed By A Line Drive While Speed Dating At A Minor League Baseball Game (Video)

guy saves bruins tyler seguin from foul ballYou don’t get many NHL stories during the summer months, but today we’ve got a two-for-one special for you.

Headline A: Tyler Seguin was speed dating at a minor league baseball game.

Headline B: Tyler Seguin was almost killed by a line drive at a minor league baseball game.

And here’s the catch: Headline B happened because of Headline A.

The Bruins’ 20-year-old forward is already a huge stud in Boston, and on Wednesday night he was at the single-A (short season) Lowell Spinners baseball game in Lowell, Massachusetts. The reason for his trip to the ballpark? A promotion put on by the Bruins called “Speed Dating With Tyler Seguin,” in which a bunch of lucky female Bruins fans got the chance to spend 5 minutes with the dreamy hockey player throughout the night.

I have to say, it’s a pretty amusing promotion.

The only problem with this promotion is that they held the speed dating sessions right next to the field down the third base line, and then positioned Tyler so that his back was toward home plate. And sure enough, at one point a line drive foul ball came screeching off a bat and headed right for Seguin’s head.

Luckily there was an usher sitting next to the kid to protect him, and he used his iPhone to block the ball, preventing a catastrophe for the Bruins.

The iPhone, of course, was smashed to bits after the save. But don’t feel bad for the guy. Tyler and/or the Bruins are providing a replacement.

So yeah, it was a pretty interesting night in Lowell, Massachusetts, to say the least.

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