The 11 Guys Who Played In Both The Little League And The Major League World Series

Every year when the Little League World Series is underway, you’ll see lots of stories about former LLWS players who went on to become big leaguers. I thought about doing one of these lists for today, in fact, until I decided it was kind of boring. So instead I narrowed my focus and looked for Little League World Series players who went on to to play in the real World Series. It turns out there are 11, and the list is full of great trivia.

But before we get started, I should note one thing. A lot of websites have listed Dwight Gooden as having played in the Little League World Series, which means he would also be on the list of players who have been in the LLWS and the real WS. The only problem is that Dwight Gooden did not play in the Little League World Series. And he certainly did not play in the 1979 Little League World Series, when many sites say he did. Because in August of 1979, Dwight Gooden was 14 years old. And the team from his city didn’t make the LLWS. They did in 1975, but Gooden was just 10, and was not on that team.

So what players did make this list? Let’s see, shall we?

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