If You Get So Drunk That You Soil Yourself, They Will Kick You Out Of The Stadium (Video)

drunk detroit tigers fan can't walk soils himself

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few beers at the baseball game. In fact, it’s to be encouraged.

For one thing, beer helps loosen some of your inhibitions so that you don’t mind dancing when they play YMCA over the PA. And for another thing, a beer is the perfect instrument for catching a foul ball.

However, you don’t want to drink too many beers at the stadium—and not only because they cost somewhere north of $8 a piece. No, you also don’t want to drink too many beers because everyone has a video camera on their cell phones these days, and if you urinate all over yourself because you’re sloshed, it will end up on YouTube.

Just ask this guy. At the Detroit Tigers game this past Friday, he got so inebriated that he seems to have soiled his pants. Then, when security came to kick him out, he couldn’t even walk, so a buddy (or maybe just a good samaritan) had to help him.

Take a look:

Did you see the back of his pants at the 0:13 mark?

Nice, isn’t it?

Let’s just hope, for this guy’s sake, that we never find out what his name is. Because if we do, whenever a potential employer Googles his name, this video is going to come up and ruin any chance he had of getting the job in the first place.

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