Female Boxer Takes 15 Straight Punches To The Face (Video)

female boxer takes 15 straight punches to the faceFor the most part, it’s been a tough year for the sport of boxing.

First, another one of boxing’s biggest stars, Floyd Mayweather, had to spend some time in the slammer for domestic battery. Then there was the controversial Pacquiao-Bradley decision, in which pretty much everyone with two working eyes and a brain said Manny Pacquiao got screwed. And finally, there was the men’s Olympic boxing competition, which had too many embarrassing decisions to single out just one.

It’s been kind of a good year for women’s boxing, however. For the first time ever, women competed in the sport at the Olympics. And, moreover, one of the 2012 Summer Games’ best stories was Katie Taylor, a female boxer from Ireland who inspired her entire nation.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t such a great year for every female boxer. In fact, judging by the clip you’re about to see, for one female boxer, 2012 may actually be the worst year ever.

The video quality here isn’t the best, and the nice gentlemen who uploaded it to YouTube didn’t help us out in identifying the boxer in question. But we do know that the woman on the right takes an epic beating to her face.

What is “epic”? Try 15 to 20 consecutive blows to the face in a span of just 10 seconds.

It’s brutal, yet also kind of hilarious. At one point the woman on the receiving end even sticks her tongue out, which is an ill-advised move when you’re getting socked in the face repeatedly.

So have a look:

I’m thinking, whoever this is, she should probably just go ahead and hang up the gloves.

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