Mario Balotelli Kicks Off The New EPL Season By Stealing The Lens Off A Team Photographer’s Camera (Video)

mario balotelli steals a camera

The 2012-13 English Premier League season may have just started this weekend, but Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli is already in midseason form when is comes to causing mischief.

In a very short time, the 22-year-old Italian striker has become the league’s biggest personality. During his two full seasons with City, he has been in a car crash while carrying $8000 in cash, he’s thrown darts at a youth team player as a prank, he turned his backyard into an ATV race track, he received a 9-game ban for a dirty tackle, and he set his house on fire with fireworks.

So what “prank” did Mario Balotelli pull on Sunday during Manchester City’s opening 3-2 win over Southhampton at Etihad Stadium?

He stole a camera lens from a team photographer. Or part of it, anyway. Because…well…why not, right?

You can tell by the woman’s reaction (and from the fact that the team itself published the video) that this is pretty typical behavior from Balotelli, and that some people apparently find it charming or amusing.

Last year, the team published a couple other videos featuring Balotelli hijinks. In one, he nonchalantly kicks a ball at a video camera as he’s walking off the pitch after practice. In another, he screams something at the top of his lungs at a team employee as both try to walk through a door at the same time, scaring the daylights out of her.

Here are those clips:

So the camera lens heist? Nothing new. Just Mario being Mario.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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