Vikings Fans Do The Wave And Throw Things For 25 Minutes During Friday’s Preseason Game (Videos)

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After making the NFC Championship Game in 2009, the Minnesota Vikings have fallen on hard times, as they have finished at the bottom of the NFC North standings in each of the past two season.  Their 3-13 record last season was third-worst in the entire NFL, and to make matters worse, they lost franchise running back Adrian Peterson to a torn ACL and MCL late in the year.

As a result, you’d think the Vikings fans would be entering the 2012 NFL season with little to be excited about, but that hasn’t been the case at all.  Sure, they may have to deal with the unfortunate circumstances of being in a division with the Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions (all Super Bowl contenders), but there are a few reasons for optimism.  For one, Peterson appears to be coming along rather quickly in his recovery, and he’s expected to be ready to go by Week One. And then there is sophomore quarterback Christian Ponder, who has been solid thus far in the preseason (14-of-22 for 216 yards and a touchdown in two games), and is expected to shoulder the load with a nice assortment of talent around him that includes Peterson, wide receivers Percy Harvin and Jerome Simpson, and the 2012 fourth-overall draft pick Matt Kalil.

So yeah, there are a few things for the Vikings fans to get excited about this season, and it appears as though they have taken notice, as they seemed to be in a celebratory mood when they took part in a wave that lasted 25 minutes during Friday’s preseason home opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun and games for the wave-crazy fans in the Metrodome.  You see, when fans in the lower bowl decided to start throwing their programs into the air while taking part in the wave, the fans in the upper bowl figured it would be funny if they started throwing their programs on those seated below them in the lower bowl (that ought to teach them for paying more for their tickets!).  And that was just the beginning of the mayhem, as fans in the lower bowl also began throwing things, resulting in an employee of the Bills reportedly being hit by a popcorn bucket.

The mayhem would eventually come to a halt after the Metrodome P.A. announcer asked everyone to stop throwing things, and the Vikings went on to record the 36-14 victory.

Here is a look at the rowdiness that unfolded in the Metrodome on Friday:

For an in-depth analysis of what unfolded at the Metrodome on Friday, check out John Holler’s piece from, here.

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