11 Biggest NFL Preseason Injuries of All Time

As the NFL preseason rolls into week three, the injuries are really starting to pile up. Thus, we’re once again starting to hear rumblings from people who think the league should just get rid of these meaningless exhibition games altogether. And, you know, they have a point. The games are boring to watch after the first quarter, when the good players are taken out. And still, even though they play so little, every year good players get hurt during the preseason.

Of course, there isn’t an easy solution to the problem. You can’t just drop the preseason games and expect the quality of play to be good for the first few weeks. Moreover, adding more games to the regular season schedule may sound like a way around this, by making what would have been meaningless games meaningful. But that actually increases the likelihood of star players getting injured even more.

Still, something needs to be done. There are too many injuries in preseason games affecting too many teams. And to prove it, here’s a list of the 11 biggest NFL preseason injuries of all time.

Some are “big” because of the effect they had on the team in question. Others are “big” because of how they affected the injured player’s career. But one way or another, they were all notable. So have a look.

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