Cleveland Closer Chris Perez Confronted His Hecklers In Oakland Over The Weekend (Video)

chris perez vs fan

Everybody knows that the seats near the visitor’s bullpen are a magnet for the biggest loudmouths in baseball. With the close proximity they provide to members of the opposing team, they are heaven for anyone with an expansive knowledge of vulgar expressions, a love of beer, and a willingness to chirp at opposing players for three straight hours.

For this reason, most relief pitchers have pretty thick skin. How else could they endure all that verbal abuse and then go out and pitch? However, every once in a while, a fan will manage to get under a guy’s skin. And when that happens, look out, because there’s a lot of pent-up frustration coming your way.

Such was the case over the weekend in Oakland, apparently. The Cleveland Indians were in town to play the A’s, and while the visitors were warming up before one of the games, some loud Oakland fans decided to give Cleveland’s All-Star closer Chris Perez a hard time.

About what? Who knows. There’s never really a reason. These guys will pick on anything—the player’s name, his build, his record, his haircut, whatever. All we know is that these particular fans latched on to Chris Perez and actually got a reaction out of the guy that resulted in a nasty confrontation.

Check out the video, but be warned: there is some salty language.

Of course, this video was uploaded by one of the hecklers and doesn’t include what they were saying that got Perez’s attention in the first place. I wonder why?

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