Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte Raced in a Pool While Partying at a Vegas Club (Pics & Video)

prince harry at mgm grand swimming pool

Throughout the 16-day international sports extravaganza that was the 2012 Summer Olympics, it seemed like members of the British Royal family were everywhere, giving interviews to foreign media, chatting up athletes, and generally embracing their role as Britain’s ambassadors and hosts to the world.

Now that the Olympics are finally over, however, the Royals can take a much-needed breather and really let their hair down. Of course, for Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, that probably means taking a weekend get-away somewhere and feasting on some wine and cheese. Because that’s what married couples do, right?

As for Prince Harry, letting his hair down means going to Vegas and partying like a rock star…which entailed challenging Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte to a 3AM race in the pool of the Wynn hotel.

No joke. This actually happened on Saturday. Ryan Lochte was in town with fellow Olympian Cullen Jones for a belated celebration of his 28th birthday. Prince Harry, meanwhile, decided to stop by Vegas for a little R & R after hosting a charity event in San Diego.

Earlier in the day, Harry was at the MGM Grand for some kind of pool party hosted by Jennifer Lopez. But later that night he hit the club circuit. That’s when he met up with the American swimmer, apparently by coincidence, at the Wynn’s XS nightclub. And after having a few beverages and chatting with some of the bikini-clad club patrons, the two notorious playboys hopped into the pool—the Prince shirtless but wearing jeans—to have a race in front of 5,000 on-lookers.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you who won, do I?

In case you can’t figure it out for yourself, here’s footage of the race:

And with that many people in attendance, you know photos were also taken.  Here are a few of them:

prince harry ryan lochte  in vegas pool 1

prince harry with ryan lochte in vegas pool 2

bikini partiers at wynn vegas prince harry

Hat Tip – [NY Daily News]

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