Watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. Count $1-Million Cash On His Private Jet After Getting Out Of Jail (Video)

floyd mayweather jr count million on jet

Nothing can erase the unwanted memories of spending three months in jail quite like hopping on your private jet and taking off for Miami while you count $1-million in cash during the ride. I mean, just think about it for a second.  You’ve just gone from eating crappy prison meals and being locked in a dingy cell, to having enough money in your hands to purchase the finest steak and the most luxurious hotel room that money can buy.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to know this all too well, as the man who many believe is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world celebrated his freedom following a 90-day stint in a Vegas prison by taking his private jet to Miami for some R&R, and probably a bit of partying as well.

But before landing at his destination, Mayweather had to make sure he had enough cash on him – you know, in case he wants to buy a car, house, football team, or the entire city.

Hat Tip – [Celebrity Networth]

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