Here’s The Most Impressive Nonchalant Ball Boy Catch You’ll Ever See (Video)

mets ballboy catch

Being a ball boy can be a difficult task at times, as these dudes are not professional baseball players, yet they are still expected to make great grabs on hard line drives that end up in foul territory.  When they succeed, their impressive work with the glove may earn them a date with a gorgeous young lady sitting in the front row.  But when they fail, they can expect to be pelted with seeds by the opposing team’s pitching staff.

Judging by that, this New York Mets ball boy should be picking up all of the ladies he pleases, following what may very well be the most nonchalant line-drive grab by a ball boy in the history of the profession.

Check it out:

Yeah, he pretty much said, “screw all of that jumping and diving bullsh*t.  I’m just gonna play it cool on this one.”

Enough to impress the ladies?  Perhaps. Enough to impress me?  Most definitely!


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