Umpire Jim Joyce Saved A Woman’s Life Before The Diamondbacks Game On Monday

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To most baseball fans, MLB umpire Jim Joyce is “that guy who blew the perfect game.”  But after his actions at Chase Field in Phoenix on Monday night, to fans and employees of the Arizona Diamondbacks, he’ll be remembered as a hero.

Joyce, you may recall, was the umpire who blew the call at first base with two outs in the bottom of the 9th that ruined Armando Galarraga‘s perfect game back on June 2, 2010. After that game, of course, the man showed he was a class act and a true professional by admitting his mistake in a statement to the media. And when Galarraga came out to home plate the next day to personally forgive a teary Jim Joyce and shake his hand, the whole world had no choice but to forgive him and marvel at the sportsmanship displayed by the two men involved in that bizarre sports drama.


But on Monday night in Arizona, about 90 minutes before the first pitch, Joyce did something that might help him be remembered for something more than one bad call.

You see, as he and the rest of the umpiring crew were arriving at the ballpark, heading into their locker room, they saw an employee of the Diamondbacks named Jayne Powers laying on the ground in the tunnel, having a seizure.

Luckily, Jim Joyce knew what to do. While the seizure was still going on, he protected her head so she didn’t injure herself. Then, when the seizure subsided and her body relaxed, Joyce knew something was not right. So he checked for vital signs and performed CPR.

When the paramedics arrived a few moments later, Joyce was still doing CPR. He continued to assist the medics while they used the defibrillator on the woman. Finally, after another go with the defibrillator and CPR from Joyce, Powers began breathing again. She was then transported to the hospital, where doctors stabilized her condition.

So if that doesn’t make up for the blown call that ruined the perfect game, nothing will.

Nice job, Mr. Joyce.

jayne powers diamondbacks employee saved by jim joyce

Hat Tip – [CBSSports]

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