College Football Coach Unleashes Water Balloon Warfare On His Team During Practice (Video)

emporia football team water balloon fight

Football training camps are pretty grueling. They start in early August, when the sun is blazing and the heat is sweltering, and guys have to run around for hours on end in heavy pads and helmets. Then they have to sit in conference rooms and take notes in their playbooks when, obviously, they’d rather be napping.

Luckily for the players on the football team at Emporia State University, a Division II school in the middle of Kansas, halfway between Kansas City and Wichita, head coach Garin Higgins understands their pain. So one day last week he tried to break up the monotony a little bit…with a surprise water balloon attack.

He set up the prank by riding the team particularly hard, questioning their committment, and finally punishing them by making them do up-downs (if you don’t know what an ‘up-down’ is, consider yourself lucky).

Then, while the team was carrying out their punishment, the coaching staff busted out their arsenal of water balloons, and the attack commenced.

Afterward, the coach explained that he was just trying to break up the monotony so that the guys didn’t get burnt out. And obviously, this isn’t the first instance of football teams carrying out pranks during training camp to lighten to mood. But it probably is one of the best.

Check out the video:

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