Joe Girardi Wasn’t In The Mood For Being Heckled After Last Night’s Loss To The White Sox (Video)

joe girardi yells at heckler during press conference

I’m not sure what kind of operation the Chicago White Sox are running over there at U.S. Cellular Field, but for some reason they make the opposing manager hold his post-game press conference in a public concourse underneath the stands. That means pretty much anyone can walk buy as the coach shares his thoughts on the game—including rowdy fans.

And if that sounds to you like a recipe for confrontation, you’re absolutely right.  In fact, we witnessed one last night.

You see, the White Sox had just finished a three-game sweep of the mighty New York Yankees with a 2-1 victory, and after the game New York manager Joe Girardi was talking to the press, like usual. However, the White Sox like to parade a bunch of fans right by the area where they hold the post-game media scrums, and one rowdy White Sox fan decided to heckle the opposing manager.

At first, Girardi ignored the guy. But after what must have been a frustrating series, the last thing he expected was to be heckled during a press conference. So he paused his interview to go give the guy a piece of his mind.

Have a look:

Girardi didn’t quite pull a Chris Perez, but he obviously lost his cool. Of course, that’s probably what the Sox had in mind when they made him give his press conference there in the first place.

Hat Tip – [New York Post]

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