Phillie Phanatic Dances With Spice Girls And Vanilla Ice During 90s Retro Night At Citizens Bank Park (Videos)

phillia phanatic dancing with spice girls

Last night it was “90s Retro Night” at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia.

And no, that didn’t entail bringing back John Kruk, Darren Daulton, Lenny Dykstra, and Mitch Williams to relive their 1993 World Series loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. But it did mean wearing retro uniforms and running out a host of 90s one-hit-wonder impersonators—beginning with a group of women who vaguely resembled the Spice Girls, followed by a dude who was supposed to look like Vanilla Ice.

Sounds exciting, huh?  No?  Well, at least the Phillie Phanatic was there. He joined in and danced with the Spice Girls, then did what everyone would love to have done to the real Vanilla Ice: hose him down with a water gun.

Have a look for yourself. Here’s the Phanatic with the Spice Girls:

And here he is with Vanilla Ice and his crew, Italian Ice and DJ Sorbet:

Even if the impersonators were kind of lame, the Phillie Phanatic is always good for a laugh.

However, as some commentators point out, fans probably would have preferred a 2008 retro night.

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